Author Michael Giorgio at Martha Merrells Books

Join Michael Giorgio for his book launch party “Justice Comes Home” on Thursday, September 18th at Martha Merrell’s Books.

The launch party will include a book themed dinner catered by The Steaming Cup, an author reading, question and answer session, and a book signing.

The dinner is a reservation event and begins at 6:00 p.m. The reading and signing will begin at 7:00 p.m. and is open to the public.

Reservations for the dinner can be made at Martha Merrell’s, or by calling Martha Merrell’s at 262-547-1060.



Kerry McKay has researched food served during 1945 which is the time period in which the novel occurs.  Authenticity was a priority in his menu planning.

Opening Course:
*Relish Tray:  Pickles , black & green olives
*Cabbage & Apple Salad: A period salad with use of jello with
seasoned cabbage and diced apples.
Main Dish:
*Green Bean & Onion Shortcakes – a white sauce seasoned with
bean and white onions poured over a thin cornbread cake.
*Vegetable & Oatmeal Casserole with Corned Beef – a warm, filling
vegetable stew turned casserole.  Interspersed with corned beef, the
casserole will insure a healthy meal, despite war-rationing

*Peach or Blueberry Puff:  fresh fruit and a sweet pudding-style
browned topping
*Ginger Cream: a gelatin-based ginger, milk and peach offering

Beverages: Coffee, Hot Tea, Cold Tea & Water

Guest Cost:  $18
Anyone with special dietary needs should contact Kerry McKay at The Steaming Cup (522-3605) at least 48 hours before the dinner on Thursday, September18th.